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  • Why choose Paradise Fiberglass Pools?
    As a local, family owned business we will treat you like family and strive to give you the best service possible! In addition as a smaller company, our prices will be more competitive and save you money!
  • How long will take to build my pool?
    Your pool will be "swim ready" in 2 days typically. This means your pools will be fully functional and ready to swim in 2 days (weather permitting). This does not include the concrete and landscaping which will take a few more days, but usually the whole process takes about a week!
  • What size pool should I get?
    We have over 70 different options for pools ranging in size from 12' x 20' all the way to 16' x 45'. Our design team will help you find the perfect size pool for your backyard!
  • How much time will I spend maintaining my pool?
    With today's innovative technology and equipment, owning a pool is easy. Our systems all are automated and can be set for regular cleaning cycles. You can expect spending about 15 minutes per week on minimal pool maintenance.
  • Why choose a fiberglass pool?
    Fiberglass pools have so many benefits: -Installed in a week so your backyard and lifestyle won't be interrupted -Fiberglass pools won't rip, tear, or get punctured like a vinyl pool -Fiberglass pools require less maintenance due to their construction -Fiberglass pools are manufactured in a controlled factory environment so each pool turns out perfectly as opposed to vinyl liner pools which rely on the skill of the installer and the weather conditions -Fiberglass pools don't require new liners every decade which cost thousands of dollars -Fiberglass pools come in over 70+ shapes and sizes so you can find the perfect one
  • Do you offer financing?
    Yes! We offer financing through Lyon financial. You can find the link to apply on the "Our Pools" page
  • How much can I expect my new pool to cost?
    If we are installing your pool only, our prices range from $49,000- $89,000 which include our standard package with everything necessary to make your pool swim ready!
  • Should I get an auto-cover for my pool?
    Investing in an auto-cover will help you save money on chemicals, electricity, protects your pool, and makes your life a whole lot easier.
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